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Everest Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO: in progress). Everest Foundation was established in order to further the vision of the founder Patrick  R Stapleton, who over 30 years has participated in a diversity of projects and ventures into those less fortunate and to further the purpose statement of “A hand up and not a hand-out”.  And now together with his wife Shannon Dicks-Stapleton they are currently involved in the following adventures.


Under privilege and poverty are perpetuated when society and communities are not educated in how to take care of themselves and instead develop the mentality of relying on others to provide for them.

  The danger is that we could end up with ‘lost generation’ who may never work. This does not apply to Africa but to many other parts of the world, including Asia. This leads to crime and also to pressure on parents and families, who may have to now provide for the young unemployed adult family members, who rely on them in order to be able to just survive. At the same time, this can be a source of huge untapped talent and ability that needs to be identified and developed.

Help to others 2

Our passion is for people and not projects. Although projects ultimately can enhance people.  We are about, not only assisting in the betterment of this generation but hope to make a footprint on the generations to come.  We also realise that the needs of the world are great and we do not attempt to solve all the world’s problems and issues. We operate only at the point of our gifting and abilities.

We also wish to be clear that anyone and everyone who participates with their time, efforts and expertise has to do so, on a completely voluntary basis. Unless a service fee or a materials fee are agreed upon in advance in writing and signed by the Everest Foundation.

We are a non-racial, non-political, non-sexist and non-religious organization and express no views in this regard. However, we have no objection to interacting with anyone or organization that will add value to what we are attempting to accomplish.



  1. ENVIRONMENT – Create a vibrant, safe and caring environment for young people to grow; nurturing sensitivity to the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and circumstances.
  2. BALANCE – Identify and initiate a relevant balance of uniquely selected projects based on the developmental needs, goals and aspirations of the youth.
  3. DEVELOPMENT – Continuously develop the leadership, administrative and operational capacity of EVEREST FOUNDATION and in so doing provide an ongoing professional service to all stakeholders.
  4. RELATIONSHIPS – Forge collaborative relationships, partnerships and voluntary support with appropriate associations, community organisations, rehabilitation centres, youth groups, faith-based organisations, environmental professionals, educational institutions, private enterprises and the public sector.
  5. GROWTH – Invite individuals and organisations to partner with EVEREST FOUNDATION in providing the financial resources needed to establish a resilient growth platform, including the infrastructure, facilities and capacity required to initiate meaningful life-changing projects for the youth.
  6. CODE OF ETHICS – Promotes and uphold a code of ethics among all youth participants, volunteer workers and staff based on the values of integrity, trustworthiness, dependability and responsible clean living.1.4

Business Forum

1.5Over the years, Everest Foundation has built up many friends in the business world and our business forum lunch meetings are legendary. Everest Foundation will invite a speaker who is a leader either in the Business, Sport, Science, Spiritual or the Political arena. We then discuss and debate the speaker’s subject matter with the speaker. This has been extremely successful in the past and leads to an open forum for business people to talk about issues that they normally would not be able to do. It also fosters on-going relationships and contacts for the Everest Foundation. It gives the Everest Foundation an opportunity to showcase what we do and to seek assistance from business for our various projects and it gets the business community actively involved in making a social difference at the point of their gifting.

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